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Since awards and recognition are an important part of our industry's culture, let it not be said that AmeriPlan fails to provide numerous opportunities for those who achieve to be recognized and rewarded. We are very pleased and proud to acknowledge effort, performance and achievement from our Benefit Consultants. We know that each and every one of you have different goals and objectives both in what you expect to put into your AmeriPlan business and in turn, what you will get out of it. With that in mind, we have designed the awards and recognition programs to touch Benefit Consultants at every level.

Let's take a look at the current programs in which you might be recognized:

Millennium Club

Millennium Club

AmeriPlan is very proud of the monetary success that so many of its Benefit Consultants have achieved. We also realize that the journey to a significant six-figure income begins with a lot of effort and dedication and with earning your first dollar.

In recognition of the initial level of achievement, we present a Millennium Club pin to those Benefit Consultants who have embarked on the road to financial freedom with AmeriPlan by earning their first $1,000.00.

As we all know, even the longest journey begins with the first step.

President's Club

President's Club

On the ultimate journey to financial freedom with AmeriPlan, we have established several recognition and reward benchmarks. While climbing the ladder of success as a Benefit Consultant, a significant milestone is reached when you qualify for “The President's Club”. President's Club pins are awarded at the following income levels, based on earnings in the past twelve months:

The first award level is the $25,000 President's Club, followed by the $50,000 President's Club and finally the $75,000 President's Club. At each level the recipient is awarded a beautiful President's Club pin recognizing that level of accomplishment. These earnings are also calculated based on the prior twelve months' earnings.

You are well on your way!

Founder's Club

Founder's Club

As you rise to the pinnacle of achievement with AmeriPlan, you continue to be recognized and rewarded for setting the bar ever higher and reaching it. The highest award level for an AmeriPlan Benefit Consultant is the prestigious "Founder's Club". A Founder's Club qualifier is presented a solid gold, jewel encrusted ring signifying their income for the prior twelve months.

The initial Founder's Club ring is presented at $100,000 in annual income, and recognizes that achievement. Enhanced Founder's Club rings are presented at each increment of $100,000 of annual income thereafter. Example: $100,000 then $200,000, $300,000 and so on.

The Founder's Club is where you want to be, not just for the recognition and the lovely ring, but for lifestyle for you and your family that this level of income represents.

The sky is the limit.

Millionaire's Club

Millionaire's Club

Once you have earned a cumulative $1 million in your AmeriPlan business, you will be recognized and rewarded for this monumental achievement. See you there!!

Note: Other programs- these have all been income based awards, and we also have one that is production based.

Cadillac Club

Cadillac Club

Become a member of the exclusive AmeriPlan Cadillac Club! You too can drive around in the beautiful Luxurious White Diamond 4 Door Sports Sedan, 2 Door Coupe or the SRX Luxury Crossover with Titanium Colored Leather Interior and bearing a small, elegant AmeriPlan logo on the exterior.

Qualifications for all new BCs with an active date of September 1, 2015 or after:

At any time your Earned Income* is $50,000 in any 12 month period you will qualify to drive a Cadillac and AmeriPlan will make the payment. Once you've qualified for a Cadillac, AmeriPlan will make arrangements for you to take delivery of the Cadillac of your choice at a local dealership. The vehicle will be on a four (4) year lease in your name. The lease payments will be made directly to the lender each month by AmeriPlan. You are responsible for any state property tax, full coverage insurance and regular maintenance.

This change will not affect any BC or Sales Director with an active date prior to September 1, 2015.

*Earned Income will include advances, personal and team residuals.

AmeriPlan Cadillac Club Rules:

You will need to maintain $4000 or more in Earned Income, each month for AmeriPlan to continue to make 100% of the payments.

Each month you will need to qualify by maintaining $4000 or more in monthly Earned Income*, if your monthly income falls between $3,999 and $3,000 you will be responsible for 50% of your lease payment, if your income falls between $2,999 and $2,000 you will be responsible for 75% of your lease payment, if your income falls below $2,000 you will be responsible for 100% of the lease payment.

AmeriPlan will make the payment to the leasing company by deducting from your Trust Account, the amount you are responsible for.

You may choose not to participate in the Cadillac Club. There will be no equivalent compensatory offerings.

*Earned income will include advances, personal residuals and team residuals. Read Our Compensation Plan »

Centennial Club

Centennial Club

To qualify for Centennial Club you must earn 100 points in a month. Points are earned as follows:

10 points for each Dental Plus and Deluxe Plus membership that you enroll in a given month, and 25 points for each Jump Start Benefit Consultant that you enroll in that month. When you have earned 100 points per month for twelve consecutive months, you will receive a Centennial Club bonus of $2,500.

In addition to these important programs, don't forget that you also have recognition and income opportunities associated with the following:
• AllStar - enroll three Jump Start Benefit Consultants in thirty days and get an All Star pin and a bonus of $150.

• Jump Start Club - earn a Jump Start pin for each Jump Start Benefit Consultant you enroll and when you enroll five youl get a Jump Start Ruby Medal, five more and earn a Sapphire Medal, five more gets you an Emerald medal and five more, for a total of twenty, and you get the prestigious Jump Start Diamond Award Medal. If you get to Diamond in a rolling twelve months, you earn a $2,500 bonus.

Last and not least is the Fast Track to RSD bonus:
• Enroll 3 BCs in your first thirty days and promote to Regional Sales Director and earn a $100 Fast Track to RSD Bonus. Alternatively, enroll 6 "member-only" enrollments within your first 30 days to promote to RSD and earn the $100 Fast Track to RSD Bonus. With these opportunities for recognition, rewards and money, every Benefit Consultant should participate in one or more of these. The rest is up to you! Read Our Compensation Plan »

Grow your business by repeating 100 points in a calendar month for twelve consecutive months to earn a bonus of $2,500.


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